California may need extra $3 bln for schools

California already spends $50 billion a year on public education and state lawmakers are at an impasse on milf porn talks for a budget for the current fiscal year, which began July 1. They must close a budget shortfall of more than $17 billion by Schwarzenegger’s estimation.

The State’s superintendent of public instruction, Jack O’Connell, said the Algebra I Success Initiative would improve mathematics instruction and prepare all students for Algebra I in eighth grade. “Since the governor’s Algebra I requirement takes effect in just three years, we must make the investments in our school system now in order to meet this extremely tight timetable for public education,” he said in a statement.

Schwarzenegger in a statement said he welcomed O’Connell’s support but did not detail how the state would pay for the new education mandate.

“He’s committed to making sure we have the funding,politic games love,” spokesman Aaron McLear said, referring to Schwarzenegger’s support for the algebra program.

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