Clinton wants continued Canadian Afghan presence

In response, Canada reiterated its position that it will withdraw all 2,800 soldiers currently stationed in the southern city of Kandahar by the end of 2011.

“We would obviously like to see some form of support continue because cartoon porn the Canadian forces have a great reputation. They work really well with our American troops and the other members of our coalition,” Clinton told CTV television,political strategy.

“We would very much look forward to having Canada involved in any way that you think appropriate,” said Clinton, who was in Ottawa for a meeting of foreign ministers from the Group of Eight leading nations.

Her remarks followed what diplomats say has been an energetic campaign behind the scenes to pressure Ottawa, one of Washington’s closest allies.

Canada has lost 140 soldiers so far in Afghanistan and polls show public support for the mission is fading.

“We have been clear from the beginning in stating that Canada’s military mission will end in 2011,” said Catherine Loubier, chief spokeswoman for Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon.

“Canada will

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