Louis Vuitton Bags to have great options. The cupcakes and cake my baby sis will be making are going to be vegan

No, don’t go! I promise this post is filled with incredibly scrumptious-looking pictures, even if they do lack animal products.

As you might remember,Louis Vuitton Bags, instead of a wedding cake we’re having a dessert table with desserts baked by some of our friends and family. This is one project I have delegated to my baby sis, so I haven’t spent much time thinking or worrying about this. We bought some decorations for the table last night, and I’m so excited to see what she comes up with. I have also contributed to her cupcake making by purchasing these adorable cupcake wrappers:

Cute right?

However, the one thing I do have to figure out is what I’m going to make. I know I absolutely don’t have to bake anything, but I really want to. I love baking and am really excited about the idea. Our table is going to be approximately half vegan and half non-vegan, and it’s really important to me that the vegan options be completely delicious,Louis Vuitton Bags, both because it’s fun to fight stereotypes and because I want the vegans at the wedding (e.g., my immediate family and aunt and uncle) to have great options. The cupcakes and cake my baby sis will be making are going to be vegan, and my aunt is going to be making something else vegan (I’m not sure what yet). I’d like to round these out with a yummy vegan recipe or two.

Here are the final contenders. (All recipes come from one of my all-time favourite blogs, Oh She Glows.)

Pumpkin Pecan Brownie Pie:



Pumpkin Gingerbread milf porn with Spiced Buttercream:



Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies:



And now I’m drooling…

I’m pretty sure I’m going to make the whoopie pies because they’re so different. No one else will be making anything quite like them. I’ve also never seen them served at a wedding, so I think that might be fun. I’m also leaning towards the gingerbread because nothing says Christmas like gingerbread. That being said, that pumpkin pecan brownie pie is also incredible,Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags for Men and Women on Sale, so I’m torn. Very very torn. Oh, and if you’re looking for a great holiday dish this year, you must look at this post. Amazing.

What do you think I should pick? As a non-vegan would you try any of these?

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