Pagano choosing vision over circumstance – AFC South Blog

Thanks to the Colts for sharing Chuck Pagano’s postgame words with his team.

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Indianapolis’ head coach watched the game from a box at Lucas Oil cheap jerseys Stadium and visited his players before and after their 23-20 win over Miami that boosted their record to 5-3.

He spoke to his team about deciding to live in a cheap nfl jerseys online vision milf porn of success instead of the circumstances where most analysts expected a terrible season.

Then he used his own example. He’s due to start a second round of black porn chemotherapy soon as he fights leukemia, but told his players “it’s already beat.”

That, he said, is because though he has circumstances, he’s choosing to live in his vision.

And that vision includes him dancing at the weddings of two more daughters and lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy as coach of the Colts.

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