Palestinian vote and Abbas threat might be a bluff

If that turned out to be the case, he may also be bluffing about quitting the presidency. His real aims may be to repair badly damaged Palestinian unity and to bolster American support for his position in peace talks with Israel.

But if it is no bluff,political polling, efforts to resolve the Middle East conflict will enter uncharted waters. The election will split the Palestinian movement and at the same time remove from the scene the man the West counts on as peace-maker with Israel.

Abbas called the election on October 23 because the constitution called for it. But he black porn knew it would likely be rejected by his Islamist rivals Hamas, who rule Gaza.

Analysts saw a gamble, that Hamas would balk at formalizing the split and finally agree to a “reconciliation” pact.

Last week, citing disillusionment with the faltering peace process and what he believes is Washington’s failure to back legitimate Palestinian demands, Abbas announced he personally did not plan to seek re-election on January 24.

Tuesday was supposed to see the start of a five-day process of registering an estimated 260,000 young Palestinians who have reached voting age mobile porn since the last election in 2006.

But none of milf porn 1,000 registration centers in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip was open to take names. The independent Palestinian Central Election Commission

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