Video- Reaction to Flacco’s bold statement

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco created a stir this week when he said: “I think I’m the best” quarterback.

While Flacco has taken some heat for his bold comments,wholesale jerseys from china, former NFL lineman Damien Woody didn’t have any problem with what the quarterback said.

“I think it’s a great attitude,” Woody said. “As a professional athlete, you don’t play second fiddle to anyone. You got to have that confidence, especially the quarterback position — the most important position in all of sports. You got to feel like: When I’m on that field, I’m better than any other player.”

You can voice your opinion in a SportsNation poll, which is asking fans to rank Flacco. Here’s a sampling of the feedback given on Flacco’s comments:

timmylyy: “i know youre supposed to confident in your skills,wholesale jerseys, black porn but theres a line between being confident and being delusional.”

mycentstoo: “April fools day was 2 days ago Joe…”

JDO13: “If he blurted out anything else,cheap wholesale jerseys, his mental toughness would be questioned. Now, he has too much confidence. His answer was set up for failure no matter what. ”

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